Throwing Mechanics

Are you new to baseball? If so you will quickly learn the most important skill to have is throwing. Everything in the game of baseball revolves around throwing the ball. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 55, throwing a baseball starts with building a solid foundation. Its all about the fundamentals. When you learn how to throw the right way not only will your game improve, but you will also protect yourself from injury.

Anytime you throw the ball it will place strain on your arm. However, you can limit the risk of injury by learning proper mechanics, warming up before you throw and limiting how much you throw. Below we will focus on how to grip the ball as that is the first step to throwing a baseball the right way.

How To Grip A Baseball

The first step is to find your grip. For best results, especially if you are a beginner, focus on the four seam grip. With this type of grip all four seams will rotate once you release the ball into the air. While each grip is different and will provide different results, the four seam grip usually allows you to throw the ball with greater speed and straighter than most other grips.

How To Execute The Four Seam Grip

This grip is relatively easy. Pick up the ball and notice how the seams are designed. They look like a horseshoe. Now take your middle finger and index finger and place them across the horseshoe shaped seams. Your thumb should be below the baseball. If you are a young player chances are your hands aren’t yet big enough to properly execute this grip. If that is the case just use your ring finger for added support. This will help stabilize the ball making it easier to grip.

You are now ready to throw the ball. When throwing the ball the most important thing is to make sure you release the ball with your fingers on top. When it comes to release points, you ultimately have to do whats most comfortable for you. Try to throw as close to directly over the top as you can. Doing so will put less strain and stress on your elbow.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Your natural throwing motion will be different than the next persons. That’s because we are all created different. No matter what your natural throwing motion, as long as you know the basic mechanics you will be just fine. The key is to keep practicing. Practice how fast you can throw the ball as well as how far you can throw it. Knowing the basic mechanics of throwing will allow you to get better at both. On the opposite side of things practice is also incredibly important.

When you practice always use proper throwing techniques. This will help prevent injury to your shoulder and elbow. It will also translate into a real game.

Throwing a baseball will be easy for some and more difficult for others. Either way, it is a skill that anyone can learn if they put in the time. It is quite important for the catcher position as well. You should make it a point to play catch everyday. Pay close attention to your mechanics. Eventually you will be throwing like the pros. If you are looking for the best way to hit against the best of the best, you may want to check out this 2015 baseball bat reviews website. You can see brands like Easton, Demarini, and many more.

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