About this Site

Hi everyone, this is Trent. I have created this blog for two reasons: 1 – my beautiful town of Olneyville Rhode Island, and 2 – my love for baseball. What I am trying to do on this site is provide you with various items related to baseball. For instance one of my passions is equipment so I like to provide my thoughts on the latest gear.

Another interest of mine outside of equipment is simply playing the game. In my opinion there is no better sport in the world. At the time of writing this, we just had a snow storm so as you can imagine I am a bit over winter already. Although I never played for any high level teams growing up, I enjoyed playing nonetheless. My favorite position was catcher, but often played right field and third base as well. So although I am probably not the best player in the world I still feel that I can provide some useful content. If you disagree, please reach out :). Let’s talk some baseball.

Go Yankees!